Almost everyone grew up playing Pac Man, watching those little ghost running after us trying to eat us, while now’s our time to eat them back!

These ghost sandwich cookies are not only fun to look at and eat, but will also have you’re little and big cookie eaters amazed at your talent for making adorable, fun cookies.
I’ve found these sandwich cookies to be a great hit at birthday parties and even more fun if you add a Pac Man cookie to go along with it. These monster sandwich cookies are fun to make, and you can use your imagination on which sweets you would like to use, and which colors but for now I’ll show you how I make them to help you on your way.

Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies


Flower and Daisy Cutters
3 in. Tulip Cutter
Small Spice drops
Pretzel sticks
Mini candy-coated chocolates
Gummy and Hard hollow-centered candy
Icing Colors-Red, Green, Orange, Royal Blue, Lemon Yellow, Violet and Black

Round decorating tip # 3
Open star decorating tip # 16
Step 1: Baking the cookies

This is an easy part; pick your favorite chocolate cookie recipe.
Next you want to roll this dough into 1/8-in thickness.
For each cookie you will want to cut 2 flower, 2 daisy or tulips.
You will want to cut the stem off from the tulips. Now it’s time to bake these as per your normal cookie instructions from your favorite recipe you used.

Step 2: Assembling of the sandwich cookies.

You will need 4 pretzels per sandwich cookie. At one end of each pretzel you want to attach a spice drop. Next you want to spread the buttercream icing on half of the cookie; then arrange pretzel “legs” and “arms” where they should be sticking them into the butter cream and cover with the remaining cookies.

Step 3: Time to decorate your smooth cookies.

Tint your icing to your desired color; you want to outline the cookies with it them work your way to the side, completely filling in the cookie. Now add the candies
And customize you cookies the way you want. Let it set, then using tip # 3 use you black icing to make the mouth.

Step 4: Decorating the wacky hair cookies.

Tint the icing to the colors you have. Now fill the cookies with your tip # 16 on the star shaped cookies. Add you candy treats to it to decorate, as you want to.
With tip # 3 and your black icing to put the mouth on your monsters.

Step 5: Curly hair decorating for your cookies.

Tint the icing to the color you want. Now you will fill in the cookies using the tip # 16 spiral or rosette tip for the “hair”. Now add your candies, as you want to. With tip # 3 use your black icing to put your mouth on the cookies.

Now you’re all set, and ready to have fun and impress your cookie eating guest :) these are also wonderful cookies if you plan to have a Halloween kids party.

Let me know if you enjoy them (or how you get on making them!)

Best of luck :D


PS. if you want to learn about decorating cakes and cookies, check out a friend of mine’s new website by clicking here. It’s a great resource :)

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  1. Bensen says:

    Hi Francine I like your cookie

  2. Bob says:

    I eat cookies!

  3. Shayza Khalid says:

    I love these cookies!!! They look fabulous, but how can I forget the delicious taste. I will try to make them at weekends :)

  4. JD says:

    Monster cookie r the best

  5. elena says:

    omg looked at this yesterday and made it for my kids they love it francine you are a life saver to treat them now i make them one now and then they literally beg me to make it thanks

  6. i love these cookies they taste lovely and cruchy and delious cookies and they are homemade!!!!

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