Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

We all have some sort of inclination towards a specific meal but there is one recipe which needs no introduction. Yes, its typical peanut butter cookies and we all just love to have it anytime. So, what’s the deal? We present you the most affable and nippy recipe for peanut butter cookies of all time. Once, its made, it is guaranteed that you would have to go against your will to restrain. It is definitely the all time favorite for kids; and while in case of elders, they can’t refuse it either. Moreover, peanut butter is high in dietary fiber and minerals such as magnesium. So, get ready for facing a punch of peanut butter cookies.


how to make peanut butter cookies

Doesn't get much tastier than this! Now let's get on with how you can make yours :)


How to make peanut butter cookies is the easiest question ever asked! We are presenting a homemade recipe which would get you a definite laud. To begin with the recipe for peanut butter cookies, you will need some electronic equipment ready in your kitchen. Once it’s there, your job becomes child’s play. You will need some basic equipment such as oven, electric mixer with paddle, baking sheet and a cooling rack. Whereas, the list of ingredients is as follows:

1 sticks unsalted butter
¾ c. smooth peanut butter
½ c. granulated sugar
½ c. packed dark brown sugar
½ tsp. pure vanilla extract
1 large egg
1 c. all-purpose flour
¾ tsp. baking soda
Crushed pean

Once you have arranged all the ingredients of the recipe for peanut butter cookies. Your delicious cookies remain just six tiers away. All steps are presented in their precise order and needs your attention.

So, here is your gateway to ultimate taste:

Pour the four major ingredients in the electric mixer
These include a stick of plain butter, peanut butter, granulated and brown sugar
Let it mix until it’s light and fluffy

Now, add a tp. of vanilla extract and egg to the butter mixture
And mix at medium speed until everything is combined

Step 3 is your missing link
Sift flour and baking soda into a bowl
Now, you can add it to your butter mixture
Mix until well-blended

Pre-heat your oven to 350°
And line-up a baking sheet
Form two tp. Balls and align them on the baking sheet
Balls could be placed 3 inches apart
Now, use a fork to press down the duo, making a interweave pattern
Sprinkle crushed peanut on top of the cookies

Finally, bake the cookies for 18-20 minutes or until its golden brown
Consequently, transfer them to a rack to cool them down

Your homemade peanut butter cookies are ready to be served. But wait, have you noticed the amount of time it has taken? Yes, these scrumptious cookies need just half an hour to rock your launch. You can serve them to your unanticipated guests and let them praise your delicacy.



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    im about to try you recipe it sound good to me

  2. SUZANNAH says:

    i loved theese cookies my family loved them too my sis&bro wanted me to give them the res. but i refused . but thank you for this delish res. i <3 kookies

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