If you’re like me, you love doughnuts but they can be a bit big and overly sweet. These cookies are the perfect compromise. You get the feeling of having the sweet indulgence of a doughnut but without the guilt or sugar shock after.  The added plus to these doughnut cookies are that they are one of those rare cookies that you can be as creative as you want to be.

Doughnut Cookies!

Doughnut Cookies!

For these cookies you will need:

1. Your best recipe for sugar cookies
2. Royal icing in vanilla, and chocolate
3. Color sprinkles, chopped nuts, coconut, and caramel drizzle
4. Medium size circle cookie cutter and a small cookie cutter

How to make these yummy doughnut cookies

1. Make your cookies as per your favorite sugar cookie recipe. You will want to roll these out to about ¼ inch thick and cut into doughnut shapes.
2. Once the cookies are cooled down you get to start to decorate them. Dividing them into as many different sections as you would like depending on how many types you plan on making. Take your vanilla icing and spread over the cookies on the first batch, if you would like to you can color this icing to any color, then sprinkle your colorful sprinkles over the top, lightly pressing them into the icing to keep them there.
3. Also using your vanilla icing and your second batch of cookies you can spread the icing over the cookies and press your chopped nuts to the top once again lightly pressing them down to make sure they stick, repeat this with the coconut as well.
4. Taking your chocolate icing you will spread that over your cookies and use your caramel drizzle to drizzle over the chocolate making a nice design

These cookies are great cause they leave so much to your own imagination. There are a number of ways to decorate these wonderful cookies. The steps I used above to show some examples are just that examples please use your own imagination to expand on these, your guest will be delighted.

So.. a short recipe this week, what did you think? Leave a comment :)



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  1. ashleigh says:

    these cookies are really cool and tasty i baked these for my grandad who is on hospital and they put a smile on his face :) :) :) !!!!!!!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks guys, I aim to please :)

  3. bojana says:

    i tried it and it was wonderfull!!!! love tomake it again

  4. Ellen says:

    i made these with my little sisters and they loved making them, They enjoyed making most off the recipes:)

  5. mahnoor says:

    im going to try ke them it i dont know if ill make
    them correctly im only 12 but i have to try.

  6. isabella says:

    this doughnuts are so cool but i don’t have the things needed for making them. =D

  7. bob says:

    i luved em dey so coooooool nd taste amazballz

  8. Matt says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes and posting them to share with so many others. I have been baking since I was 6 and I have learned a lot. Your recipes are a big hit especially during the holidays. Its also great to have such a good recipe that I can sit and make cookies with the children many times a year and know they enjoy it and the cookies wont go to waste :)

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