The thing about having a dozen or more kids running around the house daily is that certain things don’t stick around long – clean clothes, clean rooms, quiet… and of course sweets. Luckily there is one handy little recipe I’ve [...]

My little boy came home from a birthday party and told me, “We had fluffernutters instead of cake!” At first, I thought he was complaining, because no one loves birthday cake more than he does, but when I asked him [...]

Almost everyone grew up playing Pac Man, watching those little ghost running after us trying to eat us, while now’s our time to eat them back!

These ghost sandwich cookies are not only fun to look at and eat, but will [...]

Some times you come across a cookie that has great flavor but such a plain look. With these sugar cookies you will be able to spruce up an average looking cookie, that’s just as equally easy to decorate, as it [...]

Kids love to play with play dough and always pretend to eat their yummy creations with these Play Dough Cookies your child can have the fun of playing with the dough, and the experience of finally eating something they have [...]

If you have kids, then there’s a rather high chance they love hamburgers!! With this cookie recipe your kids are sure to be happy. This cookie recipe combines the yummy sweetness of cookies with the look of hamburgers. These hamburger [...]

If you’re like me, you love doughnuts but they can be a bit big and overly sweet. These cookies are the perfect compromise. You get the feeling of having the sweet indulgence of a doughnut but without the guilt or [...]

I love these cookies!! Not only are they appealing to look at and great for any occasion but they look like you worked for hours and have mad skills with decorating. No one has to know how simple they are [...]

Summer is in the air… it’s officially Flip Flop cookie season!

With BBQ’s and garden parties looming, its time to jazz things up a little with this unique and adorable cookie. Iv found them a great hit with adults and the [...]

Till now we have shared a small number of ideas about baking delicious and mouth watering cookies. And our article today covers a very important aspect of baking cookies, including the catering equipment you should be using. That is, those extra [...]